Not creative enough for a nice title.



Hello, Cruel World 

Sam’s face in the last frame



The others got Groot a new pot and decorated it. 

The Pie Hole

my hand slipped

my hand slipped


Once in high school my friend kicked her leg up and her shoe flew off and smashed into the ceiling with this huge BANG and the teacher whirled around and yelled “WHO DID THAT?” and my friend just stared at her as the ceiling tile fell and shattered on the floor between them and the shoe thumped down on top of it and my friend just went “that’s not my shoe” while standing there with one shoe on


stiles stilinski + putting his mouth to use


I’m laughing so fucking hard rn, omg.

thinking about changing my url because well let’s face it i barely post any spn posts

and spn was the first tv show i really loved and i still kinda love it sometimes but idk

fiction-saved-my-life or fiction-kinda-saved-my-life sounds better?


"Hey remember that time you…"

Yes. I remember every embarrassing thing I have ever done and chances are it keeps me up at night